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The Twelve Universal Laws of Success

by Herbert Harris


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Beyond the Secret is the Answer!


"The Twelve Universal Laws of Success"

a 200 page paperback

by Herbert Harris

is the Answer!


"New You for the New Year"



* Perfect for readers of all ages—teens, adults, school and church study groups

 * Each law is presented with biblical and metaphysical foundations

* Organizes success principles into twelve universal laws




A Life Changing Success Book


“Give a man a fish,

 feed him for a day.


Teach him how to fish...

he can feed himself for a lifetime.”


Contains 200 pages of thought provoking, life changing information:

  • Nine Rules For Becoming A Success

  • How To Convert Your Dreams Into Reality

  • How To Create Wealth

  • How To Overcome Procrastination & Lack Of Focus

  • How To Convert Lack & Limitation Into Abundance

  • Solving The Riddle Of Survival

  • Building Positive Relationships

  • How To Be What You Want To Be

  • Do What You Want To Do

  • Have What You Want To Have


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In these times of economic change and uncertainty, give The Perfect Gift.

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1. The Law of Thought

  You become what you think about.


2. The Law of Change

  Change your life by changing your thoughts.


3. The Law of Vision

  What you see is what you get.


4. The Law of Command

  What you say is what you get.


5. The Law of Human Magnetism

  Attract the people you want to meet.


6. The Law of Focus and Discipline

  Keep your eye on the prize.



7. The Law of Action

  How to do what must be done effectively.


8. The Law of Value/Mutual Exchange

  Invest your time, energy, and money wisely.


9. The Law of Relationships

  The power of being liked.


10. The Law of Supply and Opportunity

  There is always enough of what you need.


11. The Law of Persistence and Results

  Winners never quit, and quitters never win.


l2. The Law of Truth

  The truth shall make you free.


"New You for the New Year"


The book plus an additional digital bonus for Only $19.95

Autographed to... (Name)

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“I would recommend the book to anyone seeking advice on how to set realistic goals and go forward in the direction of their dreams. The book offers great wisdom in a simple way.”

      Dr. Arthur Caliandro, pastor Marble Collegiate Church, NYC


“…any reader will find this book useful. It is ideal for small groups. … If I could afford to buy only one of the… self-help and life-skill media resources I have read … I would buy this one.”

“Recommended for all congregational libraries.”

Church and Synagogue Library Association


“This book is . . . going to find its place amongst classic self-help books. Herbert Harris will . . . be a household name in the manner of Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.”                                                           

BookWire Review


“I recommend it as a gift to graduating students, anyone starting out looking for work, ... just in a new job, or ... someone who needs a boost.”  reviewer


“The Twelve Universal Laws of Success is an easy-to-read guide to personal success. It is an excellent book for readers of all ages who want to learn basic success principles and ways to put this knowledge into action. Mr. Harris’ Bible-based book can help the beginning entrepreneur get on the fast track to success.”


 Dr. Randal Pinkett, the 2005 winner of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice"


“No book says it better or simpler than The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, which puts the principles for success at your fingertips. A must read for everyone who is serious about success.”

George Fraser, best-selling author of “Race for Success”



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